Feel like subverting the capitalist regime that controls our every waking moment? Strike a blow for personal freedom by suppressing the display of standard-size top-of-page ad banners. All you need to do is configure your Web browser to employ a user stylesheet (see your browser's documentation for details on how to do that) which contains the following:

*[height="60"][width="468"], *[height="60px"][width="468px"]
 {display: none !important;}

This will prevent the display of any element, so long as the element has the dimensions 60 pixels tall by 468 pixels wide. Since this is the standard ad-banner size, long ago accepted by advertisers as a de facto standard, you can be pretty confident that you'll block them from your screen. (Note that the browser still downloads the ads, it just never displays them.) Because this hack uses the universal selector (*), it will kill off applets, embeds, and other elements which sometimes are used to include ads.

Note that this hack only works in Netscape Navigator 6, as it relies on attribute selectors. These aren't supported in other browsers yet, but rumor has it they soon will be... so even more of us can stick it to the Man!