Steal These Buttons, Too

The inspiration for these came from Raging Platypus, who got the idea from Antipixel. While I couldn't make the font as small as do their graphics, I could at least emulate the spirit of the button designs using text and CSS. I realize others have done this too. The more, the merrier! Oh, and I didn't try to do all of the Plat's buttons, either because I was feeling lazy or because I didn't have any interest in them. You can of course build on this work if you're so inclined. Don't like the shade of blue I used for the W3C buttons? Fill in your own. Change the colors, the font, the way the buttons are presented, or anything else you wish.

Note that I intentionally left the attributes href and title blank in the markup below, so you can fill in whatever values are most appropriate for you. Note also that these are inline links in an unordered list. If you want the links to be block-level, there's a rule to do that in the CSS for the page. Note third that these buttons may look a little odd in some browsers, which would be due to problems in support for inline-element styling. There may be ways to fix these oddities, but I'm tired and don't feel like going on a bug hunt. Feel free to conduct your own.

While I was at it, I thought I'd recreate (as closely as possible) the RSS-feed icon Dave Winer makes available. Then I thought I'd annoy him by changing the text of the button. Yin and yang, if you like.