CSS2 Test Suite: 5.11.3 :active, :hover, and :focus

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The style declarations contained within this page:

A {color: red;}
A:hover {color: cyan;}
A:active {color: maroon;}
A:focus {border: 1px solid red;}
A:focus:hover {color: lime;}

P.cl1:hover {background: yellow;}
TD:hover {background: silver;}
TD A:hover {color: red; background: yellow;}

INPUT:hover {background: yellow;}
INPUT:focus {background: #FF99FF;}
INPUT:focus:hover {background: #99FF99;}

The following hyperlinks should become maroon (dark red) while active (being clicked), become cyan (light blue) while being hovered over but not in focus, have a one-pixel solid red border when in focus, and become lime (light green) when in focus and being hovered over:

This paragraph, and the one at the top of the page, should have no effects applied when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

[cl1] This paragraph should attain a yellow background when the mouse pointer hovers over it, and have a transparent background in all other circumstances. Extra text has been included in an attempt to have the paragraph display more than one line of text.

This cell contains no anchor. This cell contains an anchor.

The elements in the following form should have a yellow background when being hovered over, a purple background when in focus, and a light green background when in focus and being hovered over.

Input 4.1 Input 4.2 Input 4.3

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