CSS2 Test Suite: 8.5.2 border-top-color

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The style declarations contained within this page:

.test {background-color: silver; border-style: solid;}
.cl1 {border-top-color: green;}

[test] This 'p' element should have a default-color medium-width border applied to it; the border's color should match the color of the text in the element.

[test cl1] This 'p' element should have a green top border, with the other border sides matching the text color.

[test] This 'p' element contains a 'span' element with a class of 'test cl1' that should have a green top border and text-colored borders on the other sides. If there is [test cl1]any increase of line separation in the 'p' element due to the border on the 'span' element, the test has been failed; borders do not affect the height of lines. However, the border may extend into or overlap other lines of text.

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