CSS2 Test Suite: 12.1 :before and :after

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The style declarations contained within this page:

BODY:after {
   content: "The End";
   display: block; margin-top: 2em;
   text-align: center; color: maroon;
P.note:before {content: "Note";}
P.note {color: purple;}

.fox1:before {content: "The quick brown fox ";}
.fox2:after {content: " jumped over the lazy dog.";}
.fox3:after {content: " the lazy dog.";}

A plain, unstyled paragraph. Note that, at the bottom of this page, there should be a block-level box containing the words "The End" centered, and colored maroon.

[note] This paragraph should have generated content inserted at its beginning, and the entire element (including the generated content) should be purple.

[fox1] jumped over the lazy dog.

[fox2] The quick brown fox

[fox1 fox3] jumped over

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