A proactive team gets up to speed on horizontal markets. Red flags become solutions. A major stretch goal for this fiscal quarter is new-generation challenges. A transition phase fiscally gives rise to enabling get-it-done attitudes. Value-added strategy agrees to disagree and in view of the fact that each of you will ramp up progress on a zero-defect-generation schedule we clearly can conclude that a best-of-class goal blows them away. Leading indicators would seem to suggest that synergies close the loop on the issue of the enabling guesstimates. Can we indeed say that major players agree to disagree on a reality check? We will efficiently take over the enterprise market for soup-to-nuts headcount readjustment. A first-class horizontal market knocks your socks off, however opportunity has mind-blowing 90% solutions. So, legacy dialogue takes the initiative.

(courtesy http://lurkertech.com/corpspeak/)