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Monday, 1 October 2001

A new month, a new beginning: I’ve launched css/edge, a place for some personal (yet public) CSS-based design experimentation.  The basic goal: to push CSS as far as I can, and to do things with HTML and CSS that nobody has ever seen before.  The first installment was the complexspiral demo; now, with the launch of css/edge, I’ve added pure CSS popups.  Investigate, share, and enjoy!

In the meantime, Kat and I are giving serious thought to renaming our guest room “Heartbreak Hotel”—not out of any love for Elvis, but because several people we know are suddenly leaving long-time partners, and some of them have dropped by/will be dropping by for a few days’ retreat.  Part of me wonders if it’s post-traumatic stress left over from last month, or if perhaps 9/11 shocked a lot of people into realizing (as one person put it) that life is both too long and too short to be unhappy.

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