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Having a Garfield Day

Whether you love or hate it, “Garfield” is incredibly popular.  However you feel, though, you’re likely to really enjoy the Random Garfield Comic Strip Generator.  You can go surrealist, or try to get a coherent story out of the script—the latter actually tends to be a lot funnier.  I’ll point you to my favorite result so far, but by all means create your own (and let us know what they are in the comments).

Found via Ferrett, who got it from someone else, and so on.

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1409
    Ole Hansen wrote in to say...

    This one is also quite funny.

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1527
    Paul G wrote in to say...

    At least as funny as the actual strips that are printed (which, I suppose, isn’t saying much).

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1529
    Paul G wrote in to say...

    Oh, and I meant to link to this one

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1538
    Paul G wrote in to say...

    Ok sorry, just one more, then I’ll stop: Kitty Heaven

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1552
    Ethan wrote in to say...

    Great. This officially signals the end of my afternoon productivity.

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1626
    Neil wrote in to say...

    A few clicks later…

    [ Eric, your favourite one has moved. ]

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    • Wed 9 Jun 2004
    • 1733
    Ste Grainer wrote in to say...

    Haha. “I Sense A Presence…” and “…It Wasn’t the Pizza Guy.”

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    • Thu 10 Jun 2004
    • 0212
    Received from

    Randomize Garfield
    I saw this Random Garfield Comic Strip Generator while browsing the web – from to css/edge to, and there it was. Needless to say, I was doing all of this instead of writing my COMPLIT paper. Here’s the…

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    • Thu 10 Jun 2004
    • 0735
    Ricky wrote in to say...

    What does anyone think of the new ‘Garfield’ movie? I saw a trailer for it last week at the cinema – To me, that cat just isn’t Garfield!!

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    • Thu 10 Jun 2004
    • 0737
    Trent wrote in to say...

    I seriously think some of those Mary Worth cartoons are created with a random generator:

    OLD LADY: “But the tennis game was at 8!”

    OLD MAN : “No, that cannot be correct.”

    [Cell showing nothing but bleachers]

    [Cell showing a young woman opening a closet]

    YOUNG WOMAN “Now I know!”

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    • Fri 11 Jun 2004
    • 1645
    Colin wrote in to say...

    Garfield’s legal counsel has killed the site. Bummer.

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    • Sat 12 Jun 2004
    • 0422
    joel wrote in to say...

    Im an avid fan of Garfeild and am totally pissed to have missed this site. I wonder if someone could write a java applet or something to get the strips from the site. You could download three strips and get the applet to splice them together. Way beyond my skills and totally illegal of course, but I just want a laugh and theyve got enough money anyway.

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    • Sat 24 Dec 2005
    • 0702
    WHAK'd wrote in to say...

    Create one cartoon cel at a time on to make your own comic strip that you can download as JPEG ;)

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