Public Rabidity

Published 19 years, 1 month past

Oh, joy.  I’ve once again been accused of an anti-Explorer bias.  This would amuse me if it weren’t for the fact that it means I’m being misrepresented, despite my long-term efforts to be clear about where I stand.  It might annoy me if I could be bothered to expend the energy.  I suppose I should view this as karmic justice for my original SEO post, where I contributed to the misrepresentation of others.

For the record, I am indeed sometimes critical of IE for being non-compliant.  I’m also critical of other browsers, although of late there has been less to criticize because IE has been standing still while others advance.  That’s just the nature of things right now.  I was critical of Netscape Navigator back when the most recent version was 4.whatever and everyone else (including IE) had advanced.  It’s often easier to see the flaws in something when you have a point of comparison.

The same post implies that I’m also a CSS zealot.  True, I think CSS is a very powerful and useful technology.  However, the day I start saying things like “you can never ever use tables for layout and screw IE if it can’t handle your design”, that’s when you can accurately call me a zealot.  Until then, it’s just name-calling, and not very effective name-calling at that.

I will admit that the phrase “‘holier-than-thou’ sages on the mount” was an amusing choice of words.  Think he’s seen Episode II of the UI9 comic?

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