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Come Tuesday

Some news for folks in London (UK) and Cleveland (US).  If you don’t fit either of those descriptions, well, I don’t know what I can do.

For those of you in or near London, I’ll be at a Geekminidinner the evening of Tuesday, 14 August 2007, which you can read a bit more about over here.  (Apparently, I need to print out an article I wrote a while back and staple it to Ian‘s forehead.)  Come on ’round and join us!

About four and a half hours after that starts, I’ll be missing (in both senses of the word) the Cleveland area Web Standards/Web Design Meetup.  Once left for dead, this group has come roaring back thanks to the tireless efforts of a COBOL dude who is much less scary than his profile photo would seem to indicate.  He does run the Ubuntu Satanic Edition, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  Seriously, he’s a great guy.  I have never once heard him say “SATAN!” in a deep growly voice, no matter how many times I ask.

The point being, 18 people have already said they’ll be at the Meetup, and you should absolutely add yourself to that list.  Assuming you will actually be there, of course.

As for London, I don’t know how many will be there, but probably not as many as the Cleveland gathering.  Hey, it’s okay, folks.  Don’t feel down about it.  Not everyone can be as cool as Cleveland.  We’ll do our best to have a good time regardless.

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    • Fri 10 Aug 2007
    • 1813
    Pete Nelson wrote in to say...

    You really should start with the message:

    “This post best viewed from London, UK or Cleveland, US. Please consider going Here [link to online map].”

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    • Fri 10 Aug 2007
    • 2240
    Proud wrote in to say...

    I could very well be wrong, but it seems to me nothing has ever taken place in Minneapolis. I think there’s a pretty good buzz around here that if someone organized something, that it would really take off.

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    • Fri 10 Aug 2007
    • 2259
    Nate Klaiber wrote in to say...

    I am excited about the number we have on Tuesday. Your presence will be missed but I am sure your time will be well spent in London.

    Oh, and the first comment by Pete was humorous.

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    • Sat 11 Aug 2007
    • 1109
    Matt Robin wrote in to say...

    Hey Eric – wish I could meet up on Tuesday (unfortunately I’m already busy though and can’t get out of it!) Shame, it would have been nice to see you again (only having met briefly before at the @media after-dinner last year). Hope you have a great time while you’re in town.

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    • Mon 13 Aug 2007
    • 0446
    Frances Berriman wrote in to say...

    Hey. I’ll try and pop by and say hi on Tuesday! These last minute events… you’d think they’d at least try and hold them for someone important.

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    • Mon 13 Aug 2007
    • 0940
    Eric Wiley wrote in to say...

    Dear Eric Meyerweb,…

    But seriously. Sorry you won’t be able to make it Tuesday, but your support of the Cleveland Web Standards group is greatly appreciated.

    Happy Travels.

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    • Tue 14 Aug 2007
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    • Tue 14 Aug 2007
    • 1548
    prisca wrote in to say...

    Eric :)

    hope you are having a nice evening tonight – and had a good time here in London (despite the rain!). Had hoped to make it to the Geekminindinner – but first my mac died, completely…. well, won’t even bore you with the details – just wanted to say sorry to have missed you :'(

    have a good trip back home :)

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