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London: the Gathering

When I was in Boston earlier this month, one of the people I’d thought to hang out with was Jared Spool, and of course he was on the other side of the country while I was in his hometown.  This was a bit of a downer but I figured, hey, we both speak a lot, so I’d see him again somewhere at some point.

And how right I was: the week after my return home, Dopplr informed me that he and I would both be in London for the first weekend in March.  I’m there for the Carson Workshop I’m giving (and there are only a few seats left, so you should grab one while they’re still open) and he’ll be in town for reasons of his own.  As will Dana Chisnell, it turns out.

How could we not act on this?  So I pinged the folks at Carsonified and asked them if they knew of a venue where we could arrange some kind of meetup.  They were not only glad to help out, they offered to organize the whole thing.  The result: a Web Geek Gathering at the Pitcher & Piano Trafalgar on Sunday, 8 March 2009.  Jared, Dana, and I are all planning to be there.  You should plan to be there too.  You should also RSVP because, unlike the web, there isn’t infinite available space.  Not to mention I’ve heard rumors that there might be some manner of free drinks.  I mean, I’m just sayin’ what I heard.

Hope to see you there!

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    • Fri 20 Feb 2009
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    Rich Clark wrote in to say...


    How weird, just this morning I booked place on your Carsonified workshop and then I check my feeds and see this. Look forward to seeing you at the workshop and hopefully the three of you on the Sunday evening.


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    • Fri 20 Feb 2009
    • 1057
    David Mead wrote in to say...

    Gah! I’m going to be back in the UK the following week.

    I’ll have to catch up with you at the next CWSA. I would’ve loved to be part of that in London.

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    • Fri 20 Feb 2009
    • 1208
    Matt Robin wrote in to say...

    I could be there for that! ;)

    That’s a good bar too – been there a couple of times before.

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    • Sun 22 Feb 2009
    • 0617
    John Larsen wrote in to say...

    I’m booked on the course, so I’ll be there.

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    • Mon 23 Feb 2009
    • 1044
    Paul Decowski wrote in to say...

    I”m joining you there.

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    • Thu 26 Feb 2009
    • 1216
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Awesome, everyone—see you there!

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