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WordPress Tools: MW Adminimize

Note that this is a pre-1.0 version, which means updates and changes are likely. Please also note the "Works with:" part above, which is serious. If you install this plugin with WP 2.7 or later, you could make the Dashboard completely unusable and have no way to fix it short of deleting the plugin via FTP.


When you unzip the archive, you'll find the plugin file mw_adminimze.php and a directory called mw_adminimize containing the file admin.css, which alters the presentation of all WordPress administration pages.

Upload all that to your wp-plugins directory, or upload the archive and unzip it there if you prefer that, and then go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin. That's it: you're done. The changes to the admin UI should immediately take hold.

The Changes

The Screenhot

A shot of the "Write Post" page, which shows the changes to the top links as well as many of the changes to that particular page. For Mike.

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