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Monday, 6 December 1999

It’s alive!!!  Yes, after months of working to establish a location for the site, and a few days assembling the data, our Web site is finally up, running, and ready to be announced to the world at large.  Our e-mail addresses also work, so you can use them to get in touch with us for as long as this site persists.  Joy.

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    • Tue 11 May 2004
    • 1059
    Received from Peruns Blog - Webwork und Internet » Eric Meyer und Wordpress

    […] 8212; Perun @ 12:58

    Unser aller Guru Eric Meyer betreibt seit neuestem sein Weblog mit WordPress. Auf Plugins & Hacks stellt er einige WP-Plugins vor. […]

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    • Tue 8 Jun 2004
    • 0306
    Received from Always Victoria » Sweet N Sassy Return with more linky love

    […] on and he does all this with humoir that only ED has. You can not go wrong at this site. Erick’s Archived Thoughts is a site a visit for he happens to be one of those I built a pedistal for. I […]

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    • Mon 5 Jul 2004
    • 1547
    Received from » Gurus Wanted

    […] Eric Meyer is looking for a CSS guru to write a book which he himself had to turn down. Head on over to Eric&#8217 […]

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    • Sun 11 Jul 2004
    • 0335
    Received from Uberwald

    […] x.php?p=188″ rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link: “> 2004/07/10 @ 11:26 pm Eric Meyer took this test, and apparently is […]

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    • Mon 19 Jul 2004
    • 0605
    Received from Outwardly Normal 2

    […] ->


    Men Throwing Fireworks Leave Window Up [meyerweb‘s Distractions]
    Another piece of news from Planet Idiot.
    7:05:42 AM  comment(commentCounter ( […]

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    • Fri 27 Aug 2004
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    Received from at the 404 ! » Dear Mr Meyer

    […] I am sorry to say that on my browser which is Firefox .93 on Win 98 when I view your WordPress blog the CSS positioning gives every appearance of being er borked. At one click below my norma […]

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    • Thu 23 Sep 2004
    • 1816
    Received from K-Squared Ramblings » The Storm That Wouldn’t Die

    […] That Wouldn’t Die Filed under: Strange World — Kelson @ 11:16 AM Via Eric Meyer: Amazingly, Hurricane Ivan is back. The remnants of the storm drifted back out to sea, which […]

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    • Thu 4 Nov 2004
    • 2130
    Received from a-css » El col�lapse dels marges

    […] El col�lapse dels marges
    04/11/04 Un bon art�cle de n’Eric Meyer que versa sobre el com i el perqu� col�lapsen els marges de les caixes de bloc qu […]

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