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Published 19 years, 8 months past

This is kind of awkward, but here’s the deal: for an article that’s being written about me, we need to include some pictures of me in action, as it were.  I’m going to take some shots of me spinning records on my show tomorrow morning, but what I’d really like to get is good pictures of me presenting.  For these purposes, the ‘livelier’ the shot, the better.  Also good would be any amusing pictures from a conference hallway, or really in any social situation.  If I happen to look a bit goofy in the picture, so much the better; I really wish I had a picture like this one of Scott, but that’s a bit much to hope for.  We’re aiming for shots that capture my personality, not ones that make me look suave.  (Which would probably require some major Photoshop work anyway.)  Thus we’re trying to stay away from posed shots, in general.

So if you happen to have anything along those lines, please either post a URL in the comments or e-mail me directly.  This is for an online article, so the pictures don’t have to be super-high resolution, especially if you’re going to mail the pictures to me as attachments.  If the picture is used, I can’t guarantee that photo credit will be given, but I’ll push very hard to make sure that it is.

Thanks for anything people can contribute!

Comments (14)

  1. I came accross this one a while ago, showing you, Scott LePera, and Jeffrey Zeldman. But maybe you allready have this one…

  2. Here are a couple I grabbed at Tantek’s house back in June:

    I have no idea who took the one with me in it though :)

  3. Hehe, I just noticed that my first pic is almost exactly like that one of Scott – a girl on either arm, and one of them’s even Ming Jung Kim.

  4. There are several at Angela’s TODCon gallery here.

  5. Simon! Spell my name right! Have some respect for us poor muggles!

  6. Doh! I actually went to your site specifically to look up the spelling, then still managed to get it wrong in the comment :( At least I got it right in my gallery.

  7. When you have found one then you could do this with it in true CSS Warrior style!!!

  8. While one of the women on Eric’s arm is in fact the most lovely MJ, the other one is me, which ain’t bubkus, as my grannie used to say …

  9. Why don’t you download one of those great Jakob Nielson hi-res publicity shots and use that instead. The chicks will dig you and the accolades will flow even faster.

  10. You may not remember, Eric, but I had a couple of pictures in an early blog entry of mine.

  11. I’d be honored if my photos of you this morning made it. Don’t worry about the photo credit – I’ll just take that ca$h.

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