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Breakfast Bliss

One of my long-time favorite places to eat is Yours Truly, which is a local chain of sorts—well, to be honest, they’re more of a local institution in seven locations—and whose Web site lends serious support to my theory that site quality is inversely proportional to food quality.  They also have free WiFi at the location nearest us, not that I ever happen to have my laptop along when I’m there.  But there’s always the possibility of using it.

In a menu full of good things, one of my favorites is their Notso™ Fries (“They’re notso common!”).  To make a plate of Notso™ Fries, you first pile up some cottage fries, which are those little round crinkle-cut jobbies.  To the fry pile, you then add a whole bunch of cheese.  Then crumbled bacon, and I think more cheese.  The whole plate is then broiled until the cheese is golden, and just before serving you plop on a generous dollop o’ sour cream.

It’s like a heart attack on a plate.

I had long thought that this wonderful dish represented, in some sense, the apex of cholesterolicious cooking, but this morning I discovered that I was wrong, that the fine folks at Yours Truly had gone themselves one better and given us…

The Notso™ Omelet.

Substitute hashbrowns for the cottage fries but keep everything else the same, stuff the result into a three-egg omelet, and put the sour cream on top.

Oh yeah.

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    • Sun 6 Feb 2005
    • 0702
    Received from Collision Bend » Hot Stuff

    […] ff Web Notes Miscellaneous Food
    @ 2:02 am.

    The other day, Eric Meyer posted a piece about a local eatery. Since I’d rather not steal his thunder, I’l […]

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 1758
    Simon Jessey wrote in to say...

    No fair! I absolutely love to eat stuff like that, but I’m stuck on this accursed diet.

    Actually, they do a similar thing at Outback Steakhouse, called “Aussie Chips”. Basically a cheese/bacon/fries-fest with a ranch or sour cream dip. The whole concept is similar to “loaded skins”, but it’s probably less hassle to make. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a plate if the Eagles win the SuperBowl.

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 1829
    Avril wrote in to say...

    Oh Eric! That sounds positively evil and yummy at the same time.

    I hope you don’t eat that every week. You couldn’t. It wouldn’t be possible. Eric, you don’t do you?

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 1848
    Feaverish wrote in to say...

    I had spicy curly fries covered in melted gorgonzola the other day. They blew my mind.

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 1850
    Ruy wrote in to say...

    It”s like a heart attack on a plate.

    Evidently you haven’t yet tried poutine.

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 1905
    Alex wrote in to say...

    I second the props to Yours Truly. Which one is the closest to you? I assume Shaker Square. My favorite is definitely on Chagrin, the decor and building cannot be beat. I think it is a must to have cottage fries when at YT, why else go?

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 2001
    Shahid wrote in to say...

    I I’d say that sounds pretty delicious unhealthy!

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 2038
    lastminute poster wrote in to say...

    Yours Truly deserves it’s name if they offer free WiFi.
    It is not really necessary to have WiFi in a restaurant but it is kind of them to offer it.

    @health fanatics
    food is not unhealthy, no food or energy poor food is much more unhealthy

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    • Fri 4 Feb 2005
    • 2101
    Will Kessel wrote in to say...

    Having been to all of the local YT’s (except Medina, and Hudson only once), many times, I can agree with this post all the way. They have the best fries anywhere. Haven’t had the Notso Omelet yet, but I would love to try it.

    My favorite on their menu is the YT Medley for breakfast/brunch/lunch (I add Tabasco), and their Cheeseburger with Gorgonzola for dinner — done medium — oh yeah; the Chagrin Broil is also excellent. Their soups are also excellent, as a rule.

    My most frequented location: Mentor.

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 0313
    Russ wrote in to say...

    Since the eagles are not going to win the Super Bowl (to much trash talking) I’ll go to the out back and eat some fries for you Simon

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 0617
    Bob wrote in to say...

    Any chance you could provide an RSS field only for techincal posts, and not this sort of stuff.

    No offense intended, but I just feel that in managing information overload, this stuff just doesn’t help. I am guessing that given your stature, people are interested more in your techincal posts, and maybe not so much on this stuff. This is nothing personal, mind you!

    Sorry for posting here. I wasn’t sure where else to post this.

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 0617
    Bob wrote in to say...

    In previous comment, I obviously meant RSS FEED, not field! Sorry about that!

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 0730
    Dave wrote in to say...

    Bob, with all due respect – huh?

    First, the information overload is on your end, not Eric’s. Second, his feed contains exactly what all good feeds should… a blurb enough for you to simply hit delete, the categories it’s in (which BTW is clearly marked “Personal Cleveland” and not at all misleading. Third, it’s not like he is a Scoble… who’s been known to easily post 30 posts a day.

    I read his blog mainly for technical stuff too. But I enjoy this stuff, appearantly unlike you. That’s cool… to each their own. But don’t feign to speak for me, okay?

    Again, I’m saying this with all due respect… you did ask nicely.

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 0734
    Erik Peterson wrote in to say...

    To comment on Eric’s point: that site quality is inversely proportional to food quality, here in the Northeast we just got a new restaurant, O’Naturals, from the folks who started Stonyfield Farms yogurt. It’s a nice place with a healthier menu, but great food, free WiFi, community involvement and a really good environmental effort. But they have a horrible website.

    And by contrast, Bertucci’s Brickoven Pizza, which in my opinion has declined a bit in the past couple of years has a wonderful website. It’s CSS-based layout, almost-valid, very accessible and not bad looking either.

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 1049
    Erik Peterson wrote in to say...

    Bob, I have to agree with Dave in that I really do enjoy this stuff as much as the tech stuff.

    But to satisfy your needs, since Eric uses WordPress, you can supply a category id for the RSS feed and narrow down the feed.

    This is apparently the RSS feed for the “Tech” category. Eric, please correct this if not right (I had to enumerate each category and compare to the archive).

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 1153
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Erik and Bob: the feed Erik mentioned does work, but one could simply wait less than 24 hours. In concert with an upgrade to the site’s design, there will be a notable increase in the number and types of feeds one can get from meyerweb, all with more human-friendly URLs. (Update: see the next post, “New Design, New Feeds“.)

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    • Sat 5 Feb 2005
    • 2038
    Bob wrote in to say...

    Erik, and Eric: thanks :)

    Dave: huh? I meant _my_ information overload, not Eric’s. (While I didn’t write very well, I admit, didn’t think that was not obvious!) In addition, I didn’t imply to speak for you, and I did say “I am guessing”.

    While he might not be like a Scoble, if I am signed up to a large number of feeds, then I potentially get more than 30 a day (a LOT more). Anything wrong in asking people to provide variations? I didn’t ask him to stop. I don’t even say his personal comments are good bad or ugly, just that unfortunately I don’t have time for them, personally, and that I am guessing there will be others with similar views.

    Regarding the category, fair enough point, and maybe I should use a better feed reader that can highlight the category better or allow me to filter it out.

    Sorry I obviously pissed you off, but I talked to a number of web developers and they agreed with me. Doesn’t make you wrong, or me right, but this was the only way I could figure out how to ask.

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    • Sun 6 Feb 2005
    • 0831
    Jemaleddin wrote in to say...

    Sounds like you’d enjoy Springfield’s best:

    “We take eighteen ounces of sizzling ground beef, and soak it in rich, creamery butter, then we top it off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg. We call it the Good Morning Burger.”

    Too bad you can’t get it outside “The Simpsons.”

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    • Mon 7 Feb 2005
    • 1534
    Bill Rawlinson wrote in to say...

    When we return to Cleveland to visit the family we always visit Yours Truly – SOM and Wilson Mills. Good food – I especially like Chocolate Milkshakes. MMMMMM.

    thanks for bringing up good food memories.

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    • Sun 27 Feb 2005
    • 1509
    Alex Kadis wrote in to say...

    mmmm… I LOVE notso fries. It just proves, the better something tastes, the worse it is for you…

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