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Limited London Seating

Since I’m going to be arriving in London a week from today, I wandered over to the Professional CSS / XHTML Techniques Workshop site to see how things were going.  I discovered that there are only three seats left for the Friday session, Saturday having sold out long ago.  So if you’ve been hesitating, might be best to overcome that hesitation in a timely fashion.  I’m just sayin’.

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1330
    James wrote in to say...

    I wish I could go to the seminar as it looks rather interesting, unfortunately, flying to London isn’t really practical right now. ;)

    Also, I find it more than a bit odd that one of the first bullet points mentioned on the page is the use of proper DTD, yet the page itself has none… wierd.

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1405
    DJC wrote in to say...

    What’s the price on getting the disc alone?

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1510
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    James: I agree about the oddity. In fact, I plan to use the workshop page as a markover example in the workshop. But of course you realize that I’m not the person who created the site.

    DJC: I don’t know yet, but I understand that’s being worked out. As soon as I know, I’ll pass the word along.

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1525
    Geoffrey Sneddon wrote in to say...

    I’ve just realised I’m going to be in London the same time as you… School trip for the whole top year of my school, final (prep school) exams over and done with…

    Anyhow, make sure you have a nice time in London :)

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1553
    Andy Hume wrote in to say...

    Hi Eric,

    If you’re going to be in London next week, are we going to be seeing you at the @Media Conference on the 9th and 10th?

    London seems to be the center of web design world—for the next few weeks anyway ;)

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1628
    James wrote in to say...

    Oh I know that you didn’t create the page. Just rather funny that someone took the time to arrange to have you come out and speak on web standards, CSS, DTD and such, yet didn’t take the time to at least make the page advertising it W3C compliant!

    It’s an uphill battle we wage.

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    • Thu 26 May 2005
    • 1800
    Roger Johansson wrote in to say...

    I’m asking the same as Andy: will you be staying in London long enough to drop by the @media conference? It would be great to get a chance to say hi :-)

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    • Fri 27 May 2005
    • 0753
    Jeff wrote in to say...

    I’m with DJC in that I’d really like to have the CD… especially since traveling abroad is not something my budget can hold up to right now… but, I’ll keep my eyes eeled for more on the CD.

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    • Tue 31 May 2005
    • 0913
    Isofarro wrote in to say...

    Eric, a friend of mine is booked on your Friday course, and asks if its okay to bring a dictophone to record your bits?


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    • Tue 31 May 2005
    • 1215
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Questions about what’s permissible should really go to the organizers; there’s a “questions” address on the Carson site.

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    • Wed 1 Jun 2005
    • 0814
    Robert wrote in to say...

    gonna be at the Friday workshop, looking forward to it :)

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