Selling Out Again

Published 18 years, 6 months past

I noticed this morning, after the power finally came back on, that the graphic next to the information on the Carson Workshops home page about the CSS/XHTML workshop I’m doing in a couple of weeks has a “LAST FEW” banner over it, so it looks like those seats are going fast as well.  If you were interested in that one but hadn’t yet gotten around to registering, now might be a good time.

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  1. As long as everything works out on my employer’s end, I’ll be there in Chicago … As the new web JOT (jack of all trades) MON (master of none), I’m hoping to turn the corner for the five websites I’ll be administering. I had a good friend that re-worked all five to a much better state than the previous person, but still avoided a non-table design since we still had traffic using IE 5 (and, possibly earlier) … Help me Obi-Wan …

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