A noted CSS and HTML expert, Eric has been known to stand in front of groups and hold forth on subjects such as CSS, Web design, Web standards, Web browsers, and how they all go together. He's comfortable with talking theory and giving "big picture" overviews, and also with exploring practical solutions that will be of immediate interest to his audience. Recent speaking topics have included:

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Presentation Files

EventDate(s)Available resources
TODCON MX Las Vegas 2-4 June 2003
Los Alamos National Laboratories 18 February 2003
Cuyahoga Community College 6 February 2003
COMMUG 23 January 2003
Web Design World Boston November 2002
Web Design World Seattle July 2002
HighEdWeb Conference June 2002
CDPUG Meeting May 2002
Web Design World 2001 November 2001
Web2001 September 2001
Web2000 November 2000
WWW9 May 2000
WWW8 May 1999
WWW7 April 1998
WWW6 April 1997
WWW5 May 1996