A collection of tools, plugins, and other hacks that I've put together. In most cases, these are solutions to problems I faced, or else enhancements I wanted but couldn't find elsewhere. If they're useful to you, great! Have a blast.

Color Blender
This is the one the kids all love. Supply two color values in either hex, short hex, RGB percentages, or RGB decimals and get as many as ten colors shades between the two you supplied. Great for finding a color halfway between two shades you like, or mixing two colors together in various proportions.
URL Decoder/Encoder
Not nearly as cool or flashy as the Color Blender, it's still useful for situations where a massively long encoded URL needs to be decoded. I wrote this one for me, but figured I'd throw it up here for anyone else who needed it.
A simple slide show system that uses one (X)HTML file, some CSS, and a bit of JavaScript. You can have your presentation slides and printed handouts generated from the same file—it's easy!
Resonant Orbit Calculator
This will be of interest to people who play Kerbal Space Program with the CommNet setting enabled: it helps find resonant orbits for carrier craft to set up satellite constellations.
The Matrix Resolutions
A tool Aaron Gustafson and I hacked together one night during the inaugural Retreats 4 Geeks, this takes any string of CSS transform functions and gives you the matrix-math equivalent of the endpoint.
A small collection of stylesheets that you can use as web development tools.
Google Maps-based Tools
I love maps, and I enjoy programming. Here's where the two interests collide. Home of the surprisingly famous HYDEsim.
WordPress Plugins and Hacks
Small(ish) PHP files you can add to your WordPress plugins directory to make WP better, or at least different, than the default install.
NetNewsWire 2 Themes
A small collection of themes I've created for NetNewsWire, which uses good old CSS to drive its themes. It's amazing the places CSS knowledge can come in handy these days, eh?
Small JavaScript links that can be added to your favorites toolbar and used for diagnosing layout problems. Includes a "favelet creator" that will set up a favelet to point to a style sheet.
XFN Tools
Tools I've created or modified that center around the XHTML Friends Network. When I wrote this, the sole entry was a favelet (or bookmarklet) that creates a list of all the XFN-friendly links in the current page.