Thanks for stopping by meyerweb, an internet tradition in continuous operation since late 1999. It’s mostly the personal and professional web site of Eric A. Meyer, which is to say, me who am writing this page. meyerweb started out as a hand-coded static HTML site, then became a hand-rolled static HTML site that used XML and XSLT in the background. and then migrated the blog portion to WordPress (back when WordPress was basically just a hobby project) with the rest of it still hand-coded static HTML. We still use server-side includes ’round these here parts!

In addition to a number of books and articles, I’ve created a number of CSS resources and other tools. Some of the most popular are:

You may also have gotten here because you came across the name of my daughter Rebecca Alison Meyer, or are researching the story behind the CSS color that was named in her memory. If you’re so inclined, you can read my chronicle of Rebecca’s last year, and the process of grieving her after her death. If you aren’t so inclined, I honestly don’t blame you in the least. I’m not sure I would want to read it either.

Finally, my thanks to James, who in early May 2018 nudged me to actually update this page after I left it to lie fallow for half a year.

Eric A. Meyer