Other Stuff

The miscellaneous bits that don't really fit into the other areas of the site.

The Funny Bits
This is a collection of humor and other amusing information which Eric has collected over the years. This is all stuff written by other people, which is why it's under "other" and not "eric." Share and enjoy!
Across the Middle Kingdom
If somebody is going to be brave enough to marry Eric, they have to accept the weirdness that will inevitably follow. When Kat and Eric got married in July 1998, they set off on a three-week trip to China as a honeymoon. Why? The endangered Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, mostly, but also because Eric really wanted to go. Being adventurous (and possibly a little crazy) herself, Kat supported the idea. What follows is a chronicle of their trip, in words and pictures.
Our Trip to Cancun
We spent a week at an all-inclusive resort just south of Cancun and fell for all kinds of tourist traps. Here's a short recap and a review of the hotel where we stayed, the Paradisus Riviera Cancun.
Our House
Hey, why not? Everyone has to live somewhere. Besides, this way Kat gets to show off the house attached to our porch.
Information about this small branch on the Meyer family tree.
In Memoriam
An obituary and eulogy for Carol Suzanne Meyer, Eric's late mother.