NetNewsWire 2 Themes

Looking to spruce up the article display in NetNewsWire 2? Here are a few themes that might catch your interest.

To install any of the following themes, download and decompress the StuffIt archive. Then move the theme's folder into ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/StyleSheets/. I believe that the newly-installed theme should become available to NNW right away, but if not, relaunch the application.

15 Petals (104KB StuffIt archive | screenshot)
A take on the CSS Zen Garden theme "15 Petals". Images make the theme's file size big, but they also make it pretty.
NNW Classic Default (785-byte StuffIt archive | screenshot)
For those who like to kick it old-school, a recreation of the default presentation from NetNewsWire 1.x. Plain, stripped-down, familiar.
Popper (5.3KB StuffIt archive | screenshot)
A plain theme that has one distinguishing feature: the pop-up information accessible by hovering over the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the display pane. If the site has a favicon, that's what you'll see; otherwise, an 'info' icon appears. As much a tech demo as anything else; feel free to use the technique in your own themes.