Getting in Touch

So you want to talk to the fine folks at, but you don't have JavaScript enabled (or my JavaScript broke, which is honestly far more likely). No problem. It will just require you to do a little thinking, thus substituting your organic processing engine for the digital one.

It's very simple, really:

  1. Take the first name of the person you want to e-mail, as shown on the site.
  2. Add an at-symbol to the end.
  3. Follow that with the domain name of this Web site.
  4. Use the result in the "To:" header of your e-mail client.

Thus, if you wanted to contact someone named abuse and the domain were localhost, then you'd get abuse@localhost. Easy like cake!

Of course, if you're a spambot looking for adressess, I sincerely hope you harvest the example address and subsequently flood your own server, or (even better) your ISP's abuse address. Meanwhile, for the person running the spambot, please do the rest of the world a favor: drink a large nitroglycerin milkshake and then go bungee jumping with twenty-year-old rubber bands. And get it on video. Love ya!