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Somebody Must’ve Been Tanked

This afternoon, I spotted the following sitting in a driving rain on a street corner half a block away from our house.

A home-made sign reading, in big blocky stencil lettering, 'Honk if you are conserving gas'.


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    • Tue 15 Nov 2005
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    Bob wrote in to say...

    I believe the sign’s creator was completely sober, and just being snarky. :-)

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
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    Thomas Peklak wrote in to say...

    Maybe some people still have not realised, that oil is going to be short very soon.
    The author of this sign, just wanted to give attention to this issue. If I come along this sign, I will honk.

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
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    Matt wrote in to say...

    How far would you have to drive to pass this sign, Thomas? Might be worth it just to get to blow your horn. ;-)

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
    • 0929
    Jeff wrote in to say...

    Tanked… or possibly siphoned… although I am not discounting snarky either… Thanks for this timely remind of the current state of affairs… LOL

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
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    Jack Brewster wrote in to say...

    Would it be ironic to honk if you’re driving a hybrid?

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
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    Matt Brundage wrote in to say...

    Would it be ironic to honk if you”re driving a hybrid?

    No, I believe the sign intends for hydrid owners to honk. But us regular gas-guzzlin’ folks could also conserve gas — simply by carpooling or by abstaining from taking long and/or useless trips. I don’t think there’s any irony in the sign — driving a car with an internal combustion engine down a street doesn’t necessarily restrict you from conserving fuel.

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    • Wed 16 Nov 2005
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    Ara Pehlivanian wrote in to say...

    Jack: I think that the sign embodies irony. Heh. Unless of course it meant flatulence.

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    • Thu 17 Nov 2005
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    Richard Wright wrote in to say...

    Honking uses electricity. The alternator converts gas into electrical energy. Admittedly a very small amount. But what if we had a “conserve gas day”, and at a given time, say midday, everyone around the world who was conserving gas honked. I wonder how much gas that would use. My quick calculations, alright a stab in the dark, have shown the amount would be a fair bit of gas.
    I think I just kicked our coal-fired power stations into overdrive writing this crud.

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    • Fri 18 Nov 2005
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    Dustin Diaz wrote in to say...

    So did you honk or what?

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    • Mon 21 Nov 2005
    • 1808
    Martin wrote in to say...

    Didn’t you ever hear about “oil peak” aka “Hubbert peak” ?
    Simply try this:
    or this:

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    • Tue 22 Nov 2005
    • 0052
    Jeremy wrote in to say...

    Man I can just imagine the happy driver honking and getting it about half a mile down the road and feeling like a complete idiot…the kind of thing I would fall for.

    Clever roadside satire…

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