Somebody Must’ve Been Tanked

Published 18 years, 7 months past

This afternoon, I spotted the following sitting in a driving rain on a street corner half a block away from our house.

A home-made sign reading, in big blocky stencil lettering, 'Honk if you are conserving gas'.


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  1. I believe the sign’s creator was completely sober, and just being snarky. :-)

  2. Maybe some people still have not realised, that oil is going to be short very soon.
    The author of this sign, just wanted to give attention to this issue. If I come along this sign, I will honk.

  3. How far would you have to drive to pass this sign, Thomas? Might be worth it just to get to blow your horn. ;-)

  4. Tanked… or possibly siphoned… although I am not discounting snarky either… Thanks for this timely remind of the current state of affairs… LOL

  5. Would it be ironic to honk if you’re driving a hybrid?

  6. Would it be ironic to honk if you”re driving a hybrid?

    No, I believe the sign intends for hydrid owners to honk. But us regular gas-guzzlin’ folks could also conserve gas — simply by carpooling or by abstaining from taking long and/or useless trips. I don’t think there’s any irony in the sign — driving a car with an internal combustion engine down a street doesn’t necessarily restrict you from conserving fuel.

  7. Jack: I think that the sign embodies irony. Heh. Unless of course it meant flatulence.

  8. Honking uses electricity. The alternator converts gas into electrical energy. Admittedly a very small amount. But what if we had a “conserve gas day”, and at a given time, say midday, everyone around the world who was conserving gas honked. I wonder how much gas that would use. My quick calculations, alright a stab in the dark, have shown the amount would be a fair bit of gas.
    I think I just kicked our coal-fired power stations into overdrive writing this crud.

  9. So did you honk or what?

  10. Didn’t you ever hear about “oil peak” aka “Hubbert peak” ?
    Simply try this:
    or this:

  11. Man I can just imagine the happy driver honking and getting it about half a mile down the road and feeling like a complete idiot…the kind of thing I would fall for.

    Clever roadside satire…

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