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Scenes From An Adium Window

Excerpt from an IM session that just now concluded:

Molly Holzschlag: you seem to be a bit more organized than I do

Molly Holzschlag: although your office looks a lot like mine :)

Eric Meyer: My data is organized.  My life is not.

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 1724
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    And yes, I know it should be “my data are organized”. Like everyone else, I get sloppy in IM.

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 1742
    Molly E. Holzschlag wrote in to say...

    You’re blogging to yourself, Eric. Just in case you didn’t notice.

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 1753
    Mark Norman Francis wrote in to say...

    All Eric’s data are belong to us.

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 1939
    Romuald wrote in to say...

    Ah ah, too funny, especially Molly’s comment.

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 2001
    Ben Buchanan wrote in to say...

    My data is organized. My life is not.

    If only my study was as organised as my data…

    Mind you I can’t defrag, back up or archive the crap in my study; which makes it harder ;)

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    • Thu 19 Jan 2006
    • 2052
    Allan Rasmussen wrote in to say...

    It’s not always an advantage to have your stuff organized though; I remember everytime my mother had tried cleaning up my room, afterwards it was nearly impossible to find the things I needed on my own. Fortunately, she has always kept her hands from my computer…

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    • Fri 20 Jan 2006
    • 0312
    Small Paul wrote in to say...

    Ben: yeah you can! It’s just much more effort :)

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    • Fri 20 Jan 2006
    • 0606
    FatBusinessman wrote in to say...

    I think disorganisation is one of the hallmarks of the geek mind: NADD seems worryingly common and Linus Torvalds “really can’t plan my way out of a cardboard box” (source).

    You’re far from alone. ;-)

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    • Fri 20 Jan 2006
    • 1552
    NeillHARMER wrote in to say...

    hmmmmmm. i must stand alone then. not only is my code super organized, but so is my desk, my car, my life.

    but those HAVE to be organized, cause my brain is not! :-)

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    • Sun 22 Jan 2006
    • 1702
    Peter Asquith wrote in to say...

    I’ve always made a case for my “spatial filing system”. The tradition of filing in two dimensions (think bookcases, shelves) and limited 3D (filing cabinets, drawers) is restricting. I know where things are in space; I vector. Once someone tidies, or forces you to tidy, the vectors lose their uniqueness; stuff goes missing!

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    • Mon 23 Jan 2006
    • 0114
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    • Tue 24 Jan 2006
    • 1701
    Anthony wrote in to say...

    I just realized I’ve been trying to defrag my Stuff in preparation for a relocation but calling it that didn’t occur to me at the time. At one point in my life I had the Stuff in boxes in three states. Don’t worry, there is a fair amount of deleting going on while I defrag.

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    • Sat 4 Feb 2006
    • 1111
    tedd wrote in to say...

    list($data, $life) = my($life, $data);

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