Scenes From An Event Apart

Published 18 years, 2 months past

So if you were wondering what An Event Apart Philadelphia was like, well, you’ll have to come to a future Event.  There’s really no substitute.  We’re working hard to get some new cities lined up and announced, as was mentioned earlier today, so hopefully that little tease won’t be a tease for much longer.

But in the meantime, you can check out the little video number Ian Corey did for us, linked to from the new AEA Philadelphia page.  It’s almost two minutes long, four megabytes in size, and eight tons of fun (and requires Quicktime 7, given that it uses the spiffy new H.264 codec).  It has Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, and me.  So go check it out!

(Note to the deaf and hard of hearing:  the video is captioned for your viewing pleasure.)

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  1. That video was cool! It also sounds like you guys got into a lot of things I always find myself asking, trying to work for myself and just little things you’ve gleaned from your years of experience.

    I would have loved to bandy questions about with Jason regarding achieveing minimalist design with lots of flexibility…

    Or Zeldman and how writing style, as well as copy can influence how users interact with your site..

    And Eric.. well, I probably would have asked how many hours a day you sit around play with CSS just to get so unbelievably good with it…

    But, maybe there will be “An Event Apart” near me in the future… who knows..

  2. Please come to Vancouver, BC?

  3. Hey Eric, no need to be so shy. A pity you weren’t shown face on in the video. I got the impression from the brief clips of the back of your head (don’t take this the wrong way) that you look like Bill Gates! But then I didn’t see enough to clarify that. Hmmm, maybe the next video will feature much more of you. Come on!

  4. Eric,
    We were just using the Cleveland Public Library site in a presentation today about the importance of standards and clean HTML. We noticed that the Address of the Main Library has lost its left margin in Firefox (on page

    Thought you might want to know that your work is a model for others! Unfortunately/Fortunately it helped us highlight the risks and problems too…

  5. Chris: have you seen Bill Gates? It’s not happening.

    Eric: it’s such a pleasure to find a captioned video file. Thank you.

  6. Yeah I saw Bill Gates give a speech at Live8 on TV last year. What I didn’t see was Eric Meyer in this video! Though of course I’ve seen many pictures of him before. I just felt that the video showed mostly the projection screen during Eric’s presentation. It showed lines of CSS and how the ALA website scrolls. Man, I can view those things online. Yet when Jeffrey Zeldman etc came on, we saw lots of them speaking to the crowd. It was a great chance to see the real people, without visiting the conference in person. I’m being lighthearted of course, but it just came across as if Eric had said to the video editing guy not to include much of him.

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