Four Things

Published 18 years, 3 months past

Aw, man!  I was just innocently minding my own business when all of a sudden Jeffrey got meme all over me.  Now I have to go shower.

Four jobs I’ve had
  1. McDonald’s grunt—excuse me, “crew member”
  2. Customer Support Specialist (a.k.a. computer lab monitor)
  3. Hypermedia Systems Manager at CWRU
  4. Standards Evangelist for Netscape
Four movies I can watch over and over
  1. Aliens
  2. The Fifth Element
  3. The Killer
  4. Monsters, Inc.
Four places I’ve lived
I’ve lived four other places besides.
  1. Ware, Massachusetts
  2. Bolingbrook, Illinois
  3. Lexington, Ohio
  4. Cleveland, Ohio
Four TV shows I love enjoy
  1. Iron Chef (either current American or original Japanese)
  2. Good Eats
  3. Beakman’s World
  4. Blackadder
Four places I’ve vacationed
  1. Churchhill, Manitoba
  2. Ragged Point, California
  3. Rosarito, Mexico
  4. Guilin, China
Four of my favorite dishes
  1. Carne asada, medium rare
  2. Cedar plank grilled salmon, medium rare
  3. Shrimp scampi
  4. Notso™ Fries at Yours Truly
Four sites I visit daily
  1. Google (but of course)
  3. New Scientist (not quite daily, but close)
  4. meyerweb (to check for comment spam)
Four places I would rather be right now
…so long as my family is with me.
  1. Bora Bora
  2. Cap d’Antibes, France
  3. Santorini Island, Greece
  4. U.S. Virgin Islands
Four bloggers I am tagging
  1. John Allsopp
  2. Ferrett
  3. Molly Holzschlag
  4. Ethan Marcotte

Comments (17)

  1. Kudos on Monsters Inc and Blackadder.

    Monsters is definitely Pixar’s most underrated film… I felt, on the whole, that A Bug’s Life was their weakest in actuality.

    But, but… no Veronica Mars?

  2. How long ago did you live in the Brook (Bolingbrook)? Must of been awhile ago.

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  4. ‘Bout time one of you guys mentioned the Fifth Element.

    …I wish I was cool enough to get tagged.

  5. What specifically is meant by “tagging?” You have them in your delicious bookmarks? You’ve spray-painted them with graffiti?

  6. Ah, I see, you mean four people you’ve passed this thing on to. “Tagging” is such an overloaded word now.

    BTW, why is this sort of thing frowned upon when it’s in email, but if it’s in a blog, it’s cool?

  7. In email they’re called chain letters and they suck.

    On blogs they’re called memes and seem more acceptable. But you bring up an interesting point.

    I guess the main difference is that this one doesn’t say “If you don’t, three people you know will die.” and go on to list several “testimonials” of winning the lottery or getting a phone call from the person you have a crush on. (Still waiting on that call…)

  8. I followed the road back to here (something like 18 degrees of seperation from here), but the server beyond that isn’t responding at the moment. Perhaps someone else can resume the quest; let’s find out who started this thing! :p

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  10. Michael,
    Went back 7 more spots to here, but the tagger isn’t linked.

  11. Check that, I saw the name of the tagger on the sidebar of the taggee’s site. Seems to have originated at that site.

  12. Woo! Beakman’s, cool loved that show! Didn’t know it’s still around tho…

  13. Josh: I was six years old at the time, so yeah, it was a while ago.

    Josh: I don’t think it is still around, more’s the pity, even in reruns.

    MH: good question! My gut feeling is that it’s because in email, the downstream recipients (and their mail servers) are forced to receive the message. That’s not so much the case on weblogs, on web sites in general.

  14. Definitely the American version of Iron Chef. But Alton over Emeril??

  15. Of course Alton beats Emeril!

    Although, I would have to argue over the American version of IronChef, even though the coolest television host is the announcer :D

  16. “I was six years old at the time, so yeah, it was a while ago.”

    Yep without the Beakman, I wouldn’t know what’s what! :D

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