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Spoken Words

A couple of interviews that involved me were recently released, and I’ve been very tardy in linking to them.  Life has been like that of late: I passed a major career anniversary last week and completely failed to note it.  I was lucky not to overlook Mother’s Day, which is not really something you want to do when there are children in the house.

So anyway, the interviews:

I’ll be showing up again on the Web 2.0 show as part of an ensemble cast in their discussion of ma.gnolia, but I don’t know when.  I’ll probably linkblog it when it comes out.

Ya know, I remember when interviews were printed, not audible, which was preferable because I tend to sound more intelligent in print than I do in person.  Of course, I also remember acoustic-couple modems, so maybe it’s not that I’m less intelligent so much as more senile.

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    • Wed 17 May 2006
    • 0647
    Josh Owens wrote in to say...


    Thanks for being on the show! We had fun doing the interview. We are still trying to get Tanya for the ma.gnolia podumentry we are working on. I will make sure to ping you when it goes up.

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    • Wed 17 May 2006
    • 0800
    Jeff wrote in to say...

    Hey! I have seen you present twice now and you sure seem to be pretty intelligent in person to me!

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    • Wed 17 May 2006
    • 0925
    Amber wrote in to say...

    Zeldman seemed a little distraught that there wasn’t a whole lot of editing done to the podcast interview – he said something about not liking to hear all his “um”s and “er”s. But I like to do as little editing as possible because I think it makes things more real. So no, do not fear, you did not sound unintelligent or anything crazy like that. Quite the contrary. Sure, I could’ve asked you guys to talk about why CSS is important or something, but c’mon, we’ve all heard that before.

    Thanks for the link! Fortunately we recently switched to a new, more robust server just in time to handle the influx of hits from

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    • Mon 22 May 2006
    • 1439
    Mike Smullin wrote in to say...

    Thanks for the links to the interviews.

    Will these appear on Vitamin, too?

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    • Tue 23 May 2006
    • 0806
    Rodney H. wrote in to say...

    Very cool. I have been an admirer of your work/books and now am glad to have the opportunity to “hear” you, Jeffrey and Jason in the interview.


    -Rodney H.

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    • Wed 24 May 2006
    • 2300
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Josh: please do!

    Jeff: thanks!

    Amber: true enough. Glad your new server could stand up to the onslaught of my two dozen readers!

    Mike: not to my knowledge. You’d have to ask Josh and Amber, though.

    Rodney: no, thank you.

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    • Mon 29 May 2006
    • 1407
    Amber wrote in to say...

    Re: Vitamin…

    Just tell me how to get something on there, and I’d be happy to post it.

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    • Tue 20 Jun 2006
    • 1215
    Hans wrote in to say...

    I listened to the web20show-mp3 and I am really attired in this loosely kind of sending information over the internet. A friend of mine is big in webcasting. Maybe I will start working with this medium by orienting myself at Thanks for inspiration!

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