Mistakes Were Made

Published 7 months, 3 weeks past

Late last week, I posted a tiny hack related to :has() and Firefox.  This was, in some ways, a mistake.  Let me explain how.

Primarily, I should have filed a bug about it.  Someone else did so, and it’s already been fixed.  This is all great in the wider view, but I shouldn’t be offloading the work of reporting browser bugs when I know perfectly well how to do that.  I got too caught up in the fun of documenting a tiny hack (my favorite kind!) to remember that, which is no excuse.

Not far behind that, I should have remembered that Firefox only supports :has() at the moment if you’ve enabled the layout.css.has-selector.enabled flag in about:config.  Although this may be the default now in Nightly builds, given that my copy of Firefox Nightly (121.0a1) shows the flag as true without the Boldfacing of Change.  At any rate, I should have been clear about the support status.

Thus, I offer my apologies to the person who did the reporting work I should have done, who also has my gratitude, and to anyone who I misled about the state of support in Firefox by not being clear about it.  Neither was my intent, but impact outweighs intent.  I’ll add a note to the top of the previous article that points here, and resolve to do better.

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