Vendor Prefix Lists

Published 13 years, 6 months past

At the prompting of an inquiry from a respected software vendor, I asked The Twitters for pointers to “canonical” lists of vendor-prefixed properties, values, and selectors.  Here’s what the crowd sourced at me:

Lists more than just prefixed properties, values, and so on.

While there’s no guarantee of completeness or accuracy, these are at least what the vendors themselves provide and so we can cling to some hope of both.  I was also pointed to the following third-party lists:

If you know of great vendor-prefix lists that aren’t listed here, particularly anything from the vendors themselves, please let us know in the comments!

Somewhat if not obviously related: does anyone know of a way to add full Textile support to BBEdit 9.x?  Having it be a Unix filter is fine.  I know BBEdit already supports Markdown, but since Basecamp uses Textile and lots of people I work with use Basecamp, I’d like stick to one syntax rather than confuse myself trying to switch between two similar syntaxes.

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  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for; thanks for putting it together. The Safari link is broken though. I think maybe it should point to

  3. Good point, Amit. (Not sure how the “gemma” ended up in there.) Fixed, and thanks!

  4. I like Can I Use, as it covers the five main browsers in one place, and shows usage by browser version too.

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