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Hands Across the Sea

Cripes.  In preparing to mention some upcoming appearances, I realized I’d never gotten around to mentioning a couple of events in the recent past; specifically, AEA Seattle and the Webmaster Jam Session.  I’ll get to those in the next couple of posts, and then fire off a couple of reviews.

What I called you all here for, though, was to pass along news of an upcoming two-continent microtour.  Yes!  You can almost feel the white-hot spirit energy of this global adventure, can’t you?  I know I can, and unless I’m very much mistaken, I see it in your eyes too.

It’s a special thing we’ve just shared.  Don’t tell anyone else.

The festivities will start with my return to London (UK, not Ohio) for a two-day Carson Workshop on December 7th and 8th.  You can learn more at the Carson Workshops site, of course.  I hear tell that a goodly chunk of the limited seating has already been claimed.  In the course of the two days, I’ll be leading an expedition into the very heart of CSS.  From the darkest, thorniest jungles to the spectacular hidden vistas glimpsed only by a few lucky souls we will travel, and those who emerge alive will truly be a band of brothers and sisters.

Since I’ll already be in London on the date, might there be a stop by the BBC Backstage Bash?  Could be.  Could very well be.

From the sun-kissed shores of wild England, I’ll wing my way to verdant Boston for Web Design World.  It will be there that I will spend half a day—said day being December 11th—presenting a condensed version of some parts of the content covered in London, an overland flight giving us an idea of where the previous week’s group blazed a mighty trail.  Yes, I’d like to present it all, but since I have not (yet) fully asserted dominance over the flow of time, I have no way to fit two days into half a day.  It would be like trying to fit a Danish prince inside a nutshell.  No matter how you or he may espouse theories of some fabled infinite space to be ruled within that diminuitive husk, homey just won’t fit.

My work in Boston having been completed, I will make my way homeward at last, nearly a full week and many thounsands of miles after leaving it, tired but triumphant, ready to face the New Year and all the changes it will bring.

So now you know.  And as well we know, knowing is half the battle.

(For those who might be in the know, a bonus prize to anyone who can identify the web site and author I was homage-ing in this post.  Not parodying!  No no!  I’m not sure such a thing would be possible in any event.)

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    • Wed 1 Nov 2006
    • 1716
    Raz wrote in to say...

    Did you visit Moll lately? :-)

    [ I assume you mean Cameron Moll, but either way, that’s not it. Thanks for playing! -E. ]

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    • Wed 1 Nov 2006
    • 2102
    Anonymous wrote in to say...

    Reminds me a bit of “Tycho’s” writing style at PennyArcade, but maybe that’s just me.

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    • Wed 1 Nov 2006
    • 2148
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Nope, it’s not just you, Anonymous: that’s the correct answer! Unfortunately, anonymous contestants aren’t elibigle to win anything due to the inevitable authentication problems. Doh! So sad.

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    • Wed 1 Nov 2006
    • 2237
    Dave Vogt wrote in to say...

    Was it Tycho from Penny Arcade?!

    You know, referring to Hamlet as “homey” makes me wanna be your groupie. That, and your dominance of CSS and near-dominance of the flow of time.

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    • Tue 7 Nov 2006
    • 0453
    PurplePenny wrote in to say...

    I got excited when I saw the London gig… but then I saw the cost :-( ‘Fraid there’s no chance of my employers paying that much.

    I do understand why it has to be that price; but is there any chance of Carson offering a public sector discount for education, health care and local government employees?

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