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AEA Boston Full Up

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news to any potential AEA Boston attendees, but we sold the last available seat just before noon yesterday.  You can still get in touch to request a spot on our waiting list. if you like.  If not, there’s always the Seattle show coming in June, with tentative plans for two more shows by the end of 2007.

Some of you may recall that I prophesied, a few weeks back, that we’d sell out on February 28th—and so we did.  Go me.  I feel like a regular Edgar Cayce.

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    • Thu 1 Mar 2007
    • 1237
    Iwo wrote in to say...

    That’s too bad, I would love to attend.

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    • Fri 2 Mar 2007
    • 1029
    Chester Bullock wrote in to say...

    If you do wind up deciding to do Denver for a future show, next year would be better so I can budget for it… :)

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    • Fri 2 Mar 2007
    • 1655
    PurplePenny wrote in to say...

    If you ever do get to Oxford for an event get me on stage. That way you’ll have both female and purple all in one speaker. Of course you’ll get a talk on ‘Feline Nutrition’, or ‘Feline Hyperthyroid’ or ‘How to Search [insert database name] Effectively’ but, hey, you can’t have everything…

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