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London Workshop

So while I was off indulging in the extravagance of an extended vacation/family reunion/road trip, seats went on sale for a two-day CSS workshop in London, starring yours truly and run by the fine folks at Carson Workshops, which will run 13-14 August.  The seats are something like half-sold already, so if you want in, don’t wait.  Sorry I didn’t say anything sooner, but, you know.  Family time!

To those who do decide to attend, I make this pledge: I will not wear the blue-shirt-with-tan-slacks combo again.  This I swear.

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    • Thu 19 Jul 2007
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    mike wrote in to say...

    (re: wardrobe) oh good. i didn’t want to say anything, but at an event apart seattle you seemed to go from the man-in-black look, to the aforementioned blue & tan kinko’s uniform. not that there’s anything wrong with kinkos…

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    • Fri 20 Jul 2007
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    • Sat 21 Jul 2007
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    Dave wrote in to say...

    The thing is that with that combo in the UK you’d be screaming American business class tourist to everyone. Not that you should bust out the Bermuda shorts but I’d avoid the blue/tan combo. The man in black might actually work out ok in the UK depending on the weather.

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    • Tue 7 Aug 2007
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    prisca wrote in to say...

    Eric :)

    so you’re back in London soon :)
    unfortunately, as it’s only little old me who would be paying the fees for these sessions of yours – I can’t afford it :”( and cannot make it no matter how much I enjoyed your workshop last december ;)

    have fun – would love to meet up for a drink with you but I can imagine you’re busy and/or exhausted after teaching the crowds ;)

    (about your “blue-shirt-with-tan-slacks combo” – got to say I think it actually suits you very well :) no matter what people say …)

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    • Wed 8 Aug 2007
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    Received from eyedeas » Blog Archive » workshop with the master ;)

    […] Eric is back in town ;) […]

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