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Browsers Boosted

In response to my post about Camino and Firefox, Simon and Smokey Ardisson sent along the following:

  • AsceticBar by (who else?) Jon Hicks Stuart Morgan removes all the icons in Camino’s Bookmarks bar without killing them off in the actual Bookmarks menu.  Exactly what I wanted.  Thanks to Smokey for pointing it out, and Hicksy Stuart for writing it!

  • A Firefox extension that fixes its last-tab behavior in OS X when “always show tab bar” is turned on.  This was contributed by Simon in a comment on Bugzilla bug 348031, and once I installed it, I found Firefox much easier to tolerate.  I hope that this gets permanently fixed in a future version of Firefox, but until that happens, we’ve got the extension to paper over the problem.

My heartfelt thanks to both gentlemen for their pointers and efforts!

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    • Mon 17 Sep 2007
    • 1524
    Jon Hicks wrote in to say...

    I love getting credit for other people’s hard work, but sadly, I just report on Ascetic Bar and other camino extensions – it was written by Stuart Morgan, one of the Camino developers.

    It is one of the most requested interface changes to Camino though, so I hope it gets incorporated soon.

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    • Mon 17 Sep 2007
    • 1537
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    That’s weird, since the PMC page says “Last updated: 23/03/2007 by Jon Hicks” and the name Stuart Morgan isn’t anywhere to be found—thus strongly implying that it’s your work. I’ve updated the post, but maybe PMC could be a little more up-front about author credit?

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