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Election Day Results


After a campaign season that seemed even more vitriolic and interminable than any before it, America finally made its choice for President.  To many, that choice was surprising, even unthinkable.  To his supporters, of course, the win was a welcome vindication after so many difficulties and setbacks.  Between the deluge of attack ads, the debate stumbles, and the lackluster polling, it must have seemed at times as if the odds were insurmountable.  Despite all the roadblocks, however, things moved his way in the late stages, providing enough lift to secure the election.

Of course, nothing will be easy: with a divided Congress, the President will have a tough time making progress on his legislative agenda, and overseas challenges are no less acute now that the U.S. election has been settled.  The budgetary situation is still a major problem, with the “fiscal cliff” and the prospect of yet another bruising Congressional showdown looming ever larger in the country’s headlights.  The one bright spot is that—assuming the will is found to avoid plunging over the cliff—the economic recovery is likely to continue, albeit as slowly and cautiously as ever.  To a populace wearied by the campaign, any positive news will be more than welcome.

(With apologies to The Economist.)

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    • Tue 6 Nov 2012
    • 1542
    Raphael wrote in to say...

    Since when is Jill Stein a “him”?

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    • Tue 6 Nov 2012
    • 1905
    Eric Meyer wrote in to say...

    Since when was there any chance this post might apply to Jill Stein? Or, for that matter, any alternate-party candidate?

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    • Wed 7 Nov 2012
    • 0136
    Kevin wrote in to say...

    Your reporting is so biased ;-)

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    • Wed 7 Nov 2012
    • 0828
    Andrew wrote in to say...

    You should have left out the date and just put “Wednesday”, so we can refer to this over and over and over and over…

    The first paragraph is quite flexible: replace “President” with “Governor”, “Senator”, etc.

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