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WordPress Plugins and Hacks

This is mostly a pointer to the actual plugin pages, which document the function(s) found in each plugin and the parameters each one accepts. Nearly all plugins are prefixed "MW" (meyerweb) to avoid potential naming collisions with other plugins. The exception is WP-Gatekeeper, which is prefixed "WP" for, um, "WordPress". This was done so that ports to other blogging engines could use their own prefixes.

MW Latest Tweet
Caches and displays the latest tweet (from Twitter, in case you haven't heard about that) in a highly configurable manner.
A challenge/response addition for comment forms. Currently in beta. Not tested for WP 2.7 and above.
MW Next/Previous Links
A slight but useful upgrade to the next/previous link functions already present in WordPress.
MW Get Post Info
Returns up to four bits of information about a post in an order of your choosing. Very useful for excerpt feeds.
MW Comments/Trackbacks
In addition to returning comments or trackbacks, the functions in this plugin can also return a simple count of either.
MW-Style Calendar
A variation on the month-view calendar that comes with WordPress that makes it easier to style days with posts, insert symbols at various points, and more.
MW Adminimize
Compresses the administration pages' page-top UI to a minimum; WordPress 2.5 and 2.6 only.

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