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A blurry image of the display panel of another digital camera, which shows that camera is pointed at the display panel of yet another digital camera.

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    • Mon 31 Jan 2005
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    Received from Martin Bekkelund » UI9

    […] UI9
    Postet i Generelt av Martin klokken 0:00

    Det m

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    • Wed 3 Nov 2004
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    Joshua Heyer wrote in to say...


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    • Wed 3 Nov 2004
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    CM Harrington wrote in to say...

    it’s a picture of the playback mode UI for a digital camera (can’t quite tell if it’s video or still).. but the picture being played back is of a digital camera.

    Aha.. now I think I have it. in a dark room, a picture was taken of the LCD screen on the back of a digital still camera. Could it be that the camera pictured in the screen is the camera that took this image?

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    • Wed 3 Nov 2004
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    clint wrote in to say...

    keep clicking the images…

    thats hot…

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    • Thu 4 Nov 2004
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    Mac wrote in to say...

    I guess i’t a John Kerry Lost kinda thing :) Way to go Ohio

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    • Thu 4 Nov 2004
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    Lachlan Hunt wrote in to say...

    I Get It! So, You, Ethan, Molly, Kevin Cheng and Dan Cederholm set your cameras up pointing at each other and took a photo at the same time. Clever idea, it had me wondering for a while!

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    • Thu 4 Nov 2004
    • 0414
    Matt Wilcox wrote in to say...

    I like the idea behind the project. It’s a shame you can’t see the next camera in the loop on each camera LCD though. ;)

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    • Fri 5 Nov 2004
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    Jeff Wilkinson wrote in to say...

    for more fun with digital cameras, try hooking your digital camera to show live on the TV sometime, then aim the camera AT the TV… it does an endless-facing mirrors thing… move the camera around a little for neat effects.

    too bad you can’t take a pic of it… the TV pic disappears as the pic is being taken… need a 2nd camera to manage that …

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