Published 15 years, 5 months ago
A blurry image of the display panel of another digital camera, which shows that camera is pointed at the display panel of yet another digital camera.

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  2. huh?

  3. it’s a picture of the playback mode UI for a digital camera (can’t quite tell if it’s video or still).. but the picture being played back is of a digital camera.

    Aha.. now I think I have it. in a dark room, a picture was taken of the LCD screen on the back of a digital still camera. Could it be that the camera pictured in the screen is the camera that took this image?

  4. keep clicking the images…

    thats hot…

  5. I guess i’t a John Kerry Lost kinda thing :) Way to go Ohio

  6. I Get It! So, You, Ethan, Molly, Kevin Cheng and Dan Cederholm set your cameras up pointing at each other and took a photo at the same time. Clever idea, it had me wondering for a while!

  7. I like the idea behind the project. It’s a shame you can’t see the next camera in the loop on each camera LCD though. ;)

  8. for more fun with digital cameras, try hooking your digital camera to show live on the TV sometime, then aim the camera AT the TV… it does an endless-facing mirrors thing… move the camera around a little for neat effects.

    too bad you can’t take a pic of it… the TV pic disappears as the pic is being taken… need a 2nd camera to manage that …

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