I just have a thing for license plates. I can't explain it any more than I can explain being heterosexual. It just is, and since I have the technology to track and share my obsession, you know, why not?

Plate Date Location Comments
KAFKA 5 May 2004 Dulles, VA I wonder if the trunk was filled with Samsonite luggage.
GEEPERZ 2 May 2004 I-90 West, Cleveland, OH Wowzer! I mean—golly! And I wonder who has the correct spelling?
EB39AC 2 May 2004 Cleveland, OH One of the first purples I've seen that didn't start with AA, and one of the lightest shades thus far.
SAPIENT 26 March 2004 Cleveland Heights, OH Attached to a big ol' Cadillac headed south on Lee Road, in about the same place I saw WHY ME 1. Now I'm on the hunt for SENTIENT.
WAFFLES 21 February 2004 Cleveland Heights, OH Affixed to the back of minivan. I'm tempted to break into a rousing rendition of "The Waffle Song."
WHY ME 1 8 February 2004 Cleveland Heights, OH This was a tough one to answer, especially since we were both driving at the time.
EIEIEIO 6 February 2004 Parking lot of Bo Loong, Cleveland, OH And on this plate he had a song...
AA40BC 26 December 2003 I-71 North, mile marker 30 The colors... so royal.
CU81ZT 25 December 2003 I-71 South, near mile marker 150 A randomly assigned plate that left me feeling artistic.
I4GOTT 28 November 2003 New Jersey This one had me chuckling for several minutes, and I'm still not sure why.
AA65EA 26 October 2003 Cleveland, Ohio Yet more purple.
J CHRIST 26 October 2003 Cleveland, Ohio Turns out the Big J drives a black Pontiac Grand Am GT. Who knew?
007 JFK 22 August 2003 Cedar Falls, Iowa This was almost certainly not a vanity plate, as it uses the same pattern as the randomly assigned plates in Iowa.
152 EGO 22 August 2003 Cedar Falls, Iowa Again, just a random plate that caught my eye.
ICU PEKN 7 August 2003 Cleveland, Ohio I guess a lot of people look at her plates, but really, with an challenge like that, who wouldn't?
IB COOL 3 August 2003 I-90 West near East 55th Street, Cleveland, Ohio This plate was affixed to the back of a Buick Reatta, thus instantly negating its assertion.
ZARGON 31 July 2003 Cleveland, Ohio Affixed with a plate holder proclaiming "Terror is my business." As it turns out, the car and plate belong to Rex Hamilton, "consumate interactive haunted house actor and lecturer." Seriously.
AA31FF On or about 23 February 2002 Cleveland, Ohio This was the first of Ohio's new plates I saw that triggered pseudo-synaesthesia. See the meyerweb journal entry for 28 February 2002 for the (short) story.