Redesign Watch

A listing of notable standards-oriented redesigns. Note that I don't insist on perfect validation to include a site; demonstration of significant intent is generally enough.

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Site Comments
Slashdot Old news for nerds: standards matter.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Web site, consider thyself healed!
Cleveland Public Library A hometown institution makes good. (No, I wasn't involved.)
AlterNet Alternative content, mainstream web design practices.
Turner Broadcasting Colorized for the masses, standardized for you.
iVillage A great design with a great foundation.
McAfee Cleaning up their own site markup and hard drives everywhere.
Everything Tori Rock on! But in a sensitive, standards-based way. This just in: standards-oriented design continues to speed sites, increase intelligence. Bonzer!
Huntington Banks Nice design, decent markup. Somebday ought to put this one in a CSS vault.
MSN First the home page, and now MSN. What next?
Softchoice Standards-oriented design: not a hard choice at all.
10 Downing Street Never have so many been served with so much by so few bytes.
The Scottish Borders Council An interesting layout, especially for a government site. Remember: if it isn't Scottish, it's crap!
San Francisco Examiner Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Drupal Managing content is always easier when there's more content than there is markup.
ABC News This just in: standards-oriented design speeds sites, increases intelligence. Film at 11.
Disney Store UK A beauty of a site, both on the surface and underneath the hood. I think we just got closer to one day seeing 'CSS: The Movie'.
Kansas City Chiefs Happy Cog kicks off another great standards-oriented design.
Amnesty International A great design for a site supporting a great cause.
MacCentral C'mon, as if I could resist linking to a redesign of a Mac-centric site.
Chevrolet The body lines are clean, but what's under the hood is far more impressive.
Technorati Combine Adaptive Path's work with Tantek Çelik's technical savvy and this is what you get.
The Mono Project A clean design and the hope of standards support in a .NET context. Glee!
AT&T The future called; it said this is pretty much how sites ought to be made.
DMXZone Loads twice as fast now; maybe it should be called Speed Zone.
The Register Biting the hand that feeds IT while kissing off bloated markup.
Scott Polar Research Institute The SPRI: chillin' with standards.
East Sussex County Council Will smaller page size lead to smaller government?
W. Frank Steely Library Cross-referenced under "accessible," "efficient," and "valid XHTML 1.1."
University of Florida An institute of higher learning with a site of a higher caliber.
California Voter Foundation Bright, bold, and balloty.
gotomedia Elegant and lovely.
America Online You've got standards!
Sprint After the redesign of the SprintPCS site, this seemed almost inevitable.
Democratic National Committee Love 'em or hate 'em, they do have a standards-oriented site. Very forward-thinking.
PGA Championship Sterling work from Todd Dominey.
SprintPCS Now all they need is a Web-enabled phone that reports itself as being a handheld device.
Macromedia I'm proud to have a played a role in this one.
Adaptive Path Doug Bowman puts another site on the right path. More standards goodness from Dan Cederholm.
Fast Company Maybe now the "Fast" part refers to the speed at which their pages load.
AMI A leading chip maker takes a leading role in design.
Wired News Doug Bowman rocks the house and makes Wired jump again.