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Thoughts From Eric

Thanks to The Power Of WordPress, you can get your Thoughts in one of three flavors! First, there's The Whole Magilla: every post made in the Thoughts From Eric journal, no matter what it's about. Second, there's the Technical feed, which only passes along those posts that are technical in nature and skips over the boring irrelevant personal stuff. Finally, there's the Personal feed, which shares little tidbits from the life of Eric and family and leaves out all that icky eye-glazing nerd stuff.

The Whole Magilla — every post to "Thoughts From Eric" full content
Technical — only posts in the "Tech" category full content
Personal — only posts in the "Personal" category full content

Excuse of the Day

Never be without an excuse again. With this feed, you'll not only have today's excuse, but the excuses from the past ten days—just in case you need to deflect blame for something that happened earlier in the week.

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