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Healthy Workers

Voyage of Discovery

BodyStops Gets Started

Girls Grow Up


Junior Olympians

Missles to Mammograms

Hands on Health Camps

National AIDS Debate

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Healthy Workers

Coming soon to a job near you!

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY AND fewer missed days means better morale and lower healthcare costs.

The Health Museum of Cleveland introduces its new corporate wellness programs focusing on worksite health for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Hands on Health Day Camps

For 1st - 6th Graders
One-week camps in June, July & August

NO POISON IVY. NO BUGS. Just a whole week of smart fun!

Junior scientists get real hands-on learning about how their amazing bodies work and find out from the pros about grown-up medical careers. Junior-version scientific research include dissections of a calf brain, heart and eye for 4-6 graders and even a trip to The Cleveland Clinic to meet doctors and observe ongoing medical research.


Voice Your Concerns in the National AIDS Debate

PATSY FLEMING, NATIONAL AIDS Policy Director and Donna Shalala, U. S. Secretary for Health & Human Services are slated to visit Cleveland on July 23 to hear your thoughts and recommendations about how to effectively address AIDS/HIV.