Friday, 25 August 2000

Published 23 years, 7 months past

Of course, work on the house and the attendant move continue to dominate our lives.  While we were away for a week, the nearly 2,000 square feet of hardwood floors were refinished, and they look great.  The yard’s been ripped apart until it’s something like what we want—not finished, by any stretch of the imagination, but much better than it was.  We still have some distance to go, but things are pulling together.  The actual move is looming ever closer now, and hopefully we’ll get everything lined up for departure on schedule.  In fact, we’ve been so fixated on the house and moving that I completely neglected to post the fact that Kat passed her certifying exams a week or two back.  I never doubted that she would, but of course the waiting for test results is always quite stressful for the person doing the waiting…

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