Monday, 20 November 2000

Published 23 years, 6 months past

Some thoughts on the ongoing electoral fun:

“…don’t assume that no matter who wins and no matter what happens, it’s going to be bad for America. It might be quite good, because it might be sobering for the country to realize we’re in a completely new era, nobody’s got a lock on the truth, we’re all trying to understand the future.”

Wise words from Bill Clinton in a recent CNN interview.  Of course, in observing that nobody has a lock on the truth, he’s espousing a very liberal point of view.  As far as conservatives are concerned, they do have a lock on the truth, and anyone who doesn’t agree is either morally corrupt, weak-willed, or just plain dumb.  This from the ideological camp which gave us Rush Limbaugh.

Things are settling down at long last.  Kat and I have no significant travel plans for the near future, which in its own way is quite a relief.  It’s nice to look at a calendar and know that (barring unforseen events) we won’t be leaving the state until 2001 at the earliest.  This blissful state of affairs will let us concentrate on things like properly configuring the steam radiators in our house, for example.  Or try to figure out which painting or other piece of art should go where.  I’ll be able to set up a regular writing schedule for the next book, and even play the occasional video game to relieve my frustrations at Word 98 for being… well, for being Word.  Kat and I can go on dates, even have friends over for parties and family over for the holidays.  It’s all so domestic, we can hardly stand it.  (Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to survive.)

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