Monday, 1 January 2001

Published 23 years, 5 months past

Wow.  We all made it.  Now where’s my Pam Am shuttle flight, two-week holiday at the HoJo’s in low Earth orbit, and neurotic AI?

I don’t really have that much to write about, but of course I had to make sure that I wrote an entry for today.  The date alone made it worth it for me.  Kat and I did have a really great time at last night’s party (at someone else’s place for once!) and are looking forward to the New Year with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation—the same mix as usual, I admit, but this year it runs a bit more deeply.  If nothing else, we should have a very interesting year… and if you’ll recall, the Chinese had a curse along those lines.

May your year-to-come be healthy, happy, and wholly wonderful!

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