Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Published 22 years, 11 months past

After a long and tortuous battle, the package containing The Emperor’s New Groove and the official Iron Chef book arrived on our doorstep.  It took so long because Amazon’s system thought our credit card had been denied when, in fact, the issuing bank had approved the transaction.  After a week of trying, I still haven’t gotten an explanation of what went wrong, or even a guess at what might have gone wrong.  All I get from them is “the card was denied” when I know it wasn’t; I got the transaction’s approval code from Chase myself, and in about ten  minutes, including hold time.  Don’t even get me started on the length of time it took Amazon to straighten out the situation.  As usual, the folks at Penny Arcade summed it up quite nicely, albeit ever so slightly obscenely.  (Hey, it’s the Web, what do you expect?)  As a result of all this, I’m pretty much abandoning Amazon for the forseeable future.

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