Monday, 10 September 2001

Published 22 years, 9 months past

As I crawl back into update mode—last week was Web2001, where I presented quite a bit and met lots of cool folks (and got my picture taken by Heather Champ).  I also got Jeffrey Zeldman’s Taking Your Talent to the Web signed by the man himself, and then discovered that I’m mentioned in the acknowledgments.

Random thought drawn from the show: although I don’t think tables are an evil design tool, I do think they’ve poisoned and limited our ideas of what is possible in Web design.  There is another structure that can be described as a collection of cells: a prison.  It’s time for designers to break out.

If you’re dropping by to see if the complexspiral demo is live yet—no, it isn’t, but it will be soon!  I’ll be doing my best to get it and the material from my talks online in the next week or two.  I beg your patience while I get myself reoriented to life without five simultaneous high-pressure short-schedule projects.  While you’re waiting, you can get an update on nanotech use in military and civilian products from and the Associated Press.  Thank you—please pull around to the first window.

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