Thursday, 3 January 2002

Published 18 years, 7 months past

New at css/edge: boxpunch.  Be sure to progress on to the second page of the demo.

Whenever I get a new CD, I usually listen to it semi-continuously until I get tired of it, or I get a new CD.  That much is known.  But I am now seriously, seriously hooked on Spiritual Machines, the latest from Our Lady Peace (a Flash-dependent site, sadly).  I really liked their first three albums, sure, but this one is something else.  I found myself intentionally seeking out other albums to listen to today, just so I wouldn’t overdose.  It didn’t take too long for me to go back to Spiritual Machines.  I’m like some kind of audio junkie all of a sudden, and it’s a touch disturbing.  So hurry up and buy a copy for yourself, so I don’t feel so alone, okay?

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