Monday, 21 January 2002

Published 20 years, 5 months past

A new look for a new year.  Readers of my next book may notice some similarities between this and one or two of the projects.

If the text is too small for you to read, try the “Advanced setup…” link in the sidebar.  There you can define a default pixel size for this site and have the value stored in a cookie so that for the next year, you’ll see the text at that size.

No tables were harmed, or even used, in the making of this design.

Update: I’ve made a few adjustments to the design to step around bugs in IE6/Win.  Apparently, the MS programmers fixed most of the parsing bugs from the 5.x line, but not too many of the layout bugs.  To make things worse, the parsing bugs are fixed in both the strict and quirks modes, so none of the traditional workarounds (like the “box model hack“) work, and so I can’t hide styles from IE6 at all.  If their layout engine were as good as, say, IE5.1/Mac, then that wouldn’t be a problem.  No such luck.

(Thanks to my father for first discovering the layout problems in IE6, and for helping me figure out that I couldn’t work around the bugs without changing my design approach.)

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